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World Quatuor of “Waterpipe”™ Experts and their “Peer-Reviewers” Godfathers Celebrate with 2 Comments the 10,000 Hits (20,000) Reached by the Critique of the Erroneous WHO Report on Hookah Smoking (Sept. 2007)

The critique of the WHO (World Health Organization) report on hookah smoking is “totalising these days 10,000 unique visits, not to mention a roughly equivalent of times at mirror sites like PubMed Central and others, therefore reaching a figure not far from 20,000 visits”. SOURCE: Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine: Statistics on popularity of the critique of the WHO report

Erik DYBING (Chairman) and Jack HENNINGIELD, members of WHO TobReg (the study group on Tobacco product Regulation (*), responsible for the erroneous WHO Report on Hookah Smoking, the first ever prepared by this organization, have responded:

Simultaneously, the World Quatuor of “Waterpipe”™ Experts (**), namely Thomas EISSENBERG, Alan SHIHADEH, Wasim MAZIAK and Kenneth WARD, have posted a comment at the same above address.

Note: TobReg is the study group on Tobacco product Regulation of the World Health Organization. The word TobReg was coined on the same principle as another one: tobamel. Tobamel is the mu‘assel ("honeyed" in Arabic), the tobacco [or no-tobacco]-molasses (or honey) based smoking mixture that shook the world. "Tob" stands for tobacco and "mel" for honey (or molasses) in Latin.

(**) educated, sponsored and “peer-reviewed” by the (above) godfathers. There is also in TobReg another godfather named Ghazi ZAATARI. He is from the AUB (US-American University of Beirut), like… Alan SHIHADEH, the co-author of the WHO erroneous report… A mere coincidence, isn’t it ?

Anyway, what are the news ?

1) First off: Letter (Sept, 7, 2007) to Dr Margaret CHAN, Director-general of WHO (World Health Organization) requesting the dissolution (winding up) of WHO TobReg

and "If necessary -in view of the expected reluctance to commitment by influent involved parties-, the setting up of an International Tribunal (The Hague) to establish charges against those researchers and their affiliated organisations who have imposed, day after day over the past years, a mafia-like system".

2) The WHO report on hookah smoking is MORE THAN NEVER erroneous ! See first response to the authors' comments

3) The “waterpipe”don't declare anymore that the origin of the hookah is India, after half a decade stating and restating it was, supporting the "good science" with the "evidence" brought by the following "peer-reviewed" (like all their studies...) story:

Kandela P. Narghile Smoking Keeps Researchers and “Experts” of “Peer-Reviewed” “Science” in Wonderland. The Lancet 2000, 356 (9236):1175.

4) The “waterpipe” experts don't declare anymore that the tobamel (mu'assel) burns but acknowledge, at last, that it is only heated.

>> The second response (that to the above Quatuor of Wateripe™ experts) is delayed.

>> And what’s all this mess about “Conflicts of interest” ? This is another episode of the international defamation campaign. However, this time, the collective lie of these people working for the Pharmaceutical lobbies is striking and Wasim Maziak and Thomas Eissenberg have not revealed their conflicts of interest !


The Missing Second Response:

In Reply to Drs Eissenberg, Maziak, Shihadeh and Ward

(Sent 26 Aug 2007 to the Editor of the journal who probably saw it as redundant. Maybe he is right. Who knows ?)


> Comment: WHO and Peer-Review Standards in Studies on Hookah Smoking. The Lancet Early Online Publication 2007 (29 Oct). In reply to Dr Douglas Bettcher, Dir. WHO/TFI a.i.’s comment: Bettcher D. WHO Response to Use of evidence in WHO recommendations. The Lancet Early Online Publication 2007 (10 Sept).]

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