Bibliography of Ignored (and very often censored) Scientific Literature (books, research works) with a Comprehensive (Health, Anthropology, etc.) Focus on Hookah (Narghile, Shisha, "Waterpipe") Smoking

Unfortunately, and as anybody can easily notice, only Kamal C. 's writings fit within this framework. For biomedical-only independent unbiased sound (acceptable, good or very good) studies led by other researchers,

SEE HERE for a first list (edited by March 2007)

NEW: A Few Samples of Available Online and Offline Publications on all Aspects of Hookah (Shisha, Narghile, “Waterpipe”) Smoking, INCLUDING HEALTH ASPECTS

1997 - 2007 : The Narghile Decade

Book Narghile 1997 tout savoir sur le narguilé 2012

1997 (left): "Le narguilé". An Anthropology of Narghile (Hookah, Shisha), 262 pages. Black and white. The book that shook the world 10 years ago, by letting hookah smoking go global and become a world epidemic ? Isn't anthropology a dangerous game ? A comprehensive approach [anthropological] of narghile use in the world with an emphasis put on its imagined, or real, relation to drugs.

2012 (right): New Release of "Tout savoir sur le narguilé. Société, culture, histoire et santé" [Eng.: Everything about Hookahs. Society, Culture, Origins and Health Aspects]. Paris, L’Harmattan, mai 2012, 256 pages, colour. ISBN : 978-2-296-96620-8. New edition; includes full critique of WHO flawed report on hookah (shisha, narghile) smoking.

BROCHURE in English availaible HERE.

Some other highly relevant ignored publications

KC. Culture matérielle et orientalisme. L’exemple d’une recherche socio-anthropologique sur le narguilé. Arabica, tome LIII,2, 177-209. Koninklijke Brill NV (Leiden) 2006. [Engl.: Material Culture and Orientalism. The Example of a Socio-Anthropological Research on Narghile]

Subject: on Orientalism (Edward Said, etc.)On the hookah (narghile) as a neo-orientalist object

Shisha, hookah. Le narguilé au XXIe siècle. Bref état des connaissances scientifiques. Le Courrier des Addictions 2004 (Oct) ; 6 (4) : 150-2.

A brief review on what we really know about hookah today.

Le Courrier des Addictions


A Critical Review Of Scientific Literature on Narghile (Shisha, Hookah, Waterpipe) from its Origins to Date: the Need for a Comprehensive Socio-Anthropological, Medical and Pharmacological Approach. Tabaccologia 2005; 1: 39-47.

A deep comprehensive and critical review in 4 parts. DOWNLOAD HERE



Tabacetfumees Dar_frenkEnglish

> LEFT: Catherine FERLAND (Ed.). Tabac & Fumées. Regards multidisciplinaires et indisciplinés sur l’histoire du tabagisme, XVe-XXe siècle [Tobacco and Smokes. Multidisciplinary and Undisciplined Views on the History of Smoking, XV-XXth Centuries], Québec, Presses de l’Université de Laval (coll. Intercultures), 2007.

> RIGHT: Hanan F., Reuven D. A Critique of Nicotine Addiction. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000.

a key-book to understand why the dependence on hookah is so mysterious. Note: often censored. This book concludes that "on present evidence, there is every reason to reject the generally accepted theory that nicotine has a major role in cigarette smoking. A critical examination of the criteria for drug addiction demonstrates that none of these criteria is met by nicotine, and that it is much more likely that nicotine in fact limits rather than facilitates smoking."

Le narguilé au Yémen
in ouvrage collectif: (Ed. S. Naim), Yémen, d'un itinéraire à l'autre, Paris, Editions Maisonneuve et Larose, 2001, pp. 130-47. An ethnographic survey in Yemen.

Tabacologie du narguilé, Revue médicale Alcoologie, Paris, Société Française d'Alcoologie, 1999, 21 (1/83) : 88-9. On pharmacological aspects of narghile use.

« La nargileo, pac-pipo de la Meza Oriento : antropologia interpreto pri gxia interparolada, tempa kaj luda aspektoj » . Prelego prezentita okaze de la Oficiala Antaux-Kongreso (85-a) de la Universala Esperanto Asocio en Amano (Jordanio) en la Regxa Kultur-Centro, la 22-24 de julio 2000.

La Nargileo Pac-pipo de la Meza Oriento

Cafes, Hookahs and Conversation, (in English) and French (« Les cafés, la parole et le narguilé »), Revue Rive (Università del Mediterraneo), Rome, 1997, n°5 (on the very sociability of narghile).

«Le temps du narguilé» , Revue Qantara , Paris, Institut du Monde Arabe (, n°40, été 2001, pp. 54-56. Anthropological aspects of narghile/hookah use, neo-orientalism and the world growing popularity of both the contraption and its tradition.

« Le Narguilé », Revue Qantara, Paris, Institut du Monde Arabe (, n°23, printemps 1997. Sociological aspects of narghile use in the Arab world.

« Le Liban frappé par la shîsha-mania ? », Beyrout, Revue Chronique, juin 1998 (a short text on the craze for narghile in Lebanon).

Le mystère de la pipe à eau en Afrique, Revue Sociétés Africaines, Paris, L'Harmattan, 1996, n°6 (on some uses of tobacco in Africa, particularly the local water pipes, from a socio-historical point of view). Note: can be ordered from the same publishing house as that of the book.