Enlaces hacia otras perspectivas

Photo: Field Survey in Yemen (kc, 1997)
Jemen 1997 (kc)

"Narguile, Canciones que viajan" (un grupo fenomenal)

Breath Is Life : This is the Right Message

The Reference in Public Health is unquestionably the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. It has issued a report on “Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: Health Effects, Research Needs and Recommended Actions by Regulators”.

Can you believe that such a document is actually flawed and contains many gross scientific errors ? Its two first sentences contain 2 serious errors ! Published peer-reviewed demonstration: READ HERE

Guidelines on Good Publication Practice issued by the Committee on Publication Ethics

facebookEl Sagrado Narghile descubre FACEBOOK

knol Un knol sobre el narguile (shisha, hookah)

fctc_withdrawURGENTE! Pueblos del mundo, impongan la retirada de su pais de la convencion liberticida y totalitaria FCTC ("Framework Convention for Tobacco Kontrol"')("Convencion para la lucha contre el tabaco")

SciTopics SciTopics (temas cientificos)

Pr James E. (Los Angeles): Defending legitimate epidemiologic research: combating Lysenko pseudoscience

Pr Michael S.' site: The Rest of the Story:Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Scientific Integrity Institute (Pr James E.)

BOOK by Pr Hanan F. and Pr Reuven D. (Tel Aviv): A Critique of Nicotine Addiction

Pr Carl V.P. (Alberta): Warning: Anti-tobacco activism may be hazardous to epidemiologic science

List of COMMUNIQUES on Narghile (Hookah and Health)

Research Avenues for Students (Graduate, Postgraduate and beyond) and Confirmed Scientists in all Disciplines

Société de tabacologie

NOUVEAU: Le site de la tabacologie française

Societa Italiana di Tabaccologia

Un air neuf ("A New Air". "A Desire Cannot Be Addressed with a Ban")

FORCES International (“Powered by reason, driven by passion”)

A fascinating site we got to know accidentally and only recently although these people are drawing, in the field of research on cigarette smoking, very similar conclusions (about WHO reports, its lack of independence, etc.) to ours in the field of hookah smoking. The diametrical point of view defended by the Globalink site (see below).

Collectivo"Nuestras Libertades (Libertad, Igualdad, Fraternidad)

The Globalink Network (Tobacco Kontrol ! He Who Is Not With Us Is Against Us...)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Center For Women (Orchid)

Blog on Drug Treatment Centers

The Victorian Turkish Bath Databank (A not-for-profit educational project in the United Kingdom / Malcolm Shifrin's information exchange)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers - St Jude Facility

Time to Oxygenate Your Lungs, Folks !


about the health hazards and dangers of hookah (narghile) smoking. We don't necessarily agree with all the stuff there but we think it's not a bad beginning for awareness-raising in 2006:

US Department of Health and Human Services (Connecticut Clearinghouse)

India Times Health


(places where users exchange ideas and impressions)

CAUTION: Take care if you are sensitive because of their promotional content. However, you can register as a member and try to convince these addicts that they are destroying their lives.

Hookah Pro (la comunidad conectada del narguile)

A Brand New Hookah Forum

The Hookah Bulletin Board

Hookah Lovers


The Clubshisha Forum (in Spanish)


"Narguile, Canciones que viajan" (un grupo fenomenal)

Le musée du fumeur (association à but non lucratif ayant pour but «d'informer sur l’acte de fumer et sur les plantes fumées»)

The Hookah Culture
("Hookah smoking was chic and elegant in Victorian times, and it is now again”)

Yoko Ebisawa' Site in Japanese

Learn about the Economics of Narghiles and Hookahs with John' Business Plans

Site de Laurent Fièvre sur les manufactures de tabac

Walter Robert’s Network Map of Relevant Inter-Related Keywords and Concepts

Doris’ Gran recopilacion de trabajos monograficos

Hookah (narghile) in France by Denis Gestin
Databank on Narghile and Community (a bit promotional...)

Artisanat du Moyen-Orient

Benjamin Mauffroy' Site on the Oriental World with an interesting Section on Hookah

The «narguilé café», a good example of what a French neo-orientalist lounge is

Breed's Tobacco History Sites


Narguile Info
A site which has brought support to the author of a great fraud

Association 'A ta Turquie'

20000 Cigarette Packs

Mixing Flavors… (a crazy guy)

Strange Hookahs from the Czech Republic

Hookahs from China (ShenZhen CaiYee Art Work)

Observatory of the Hookah Trend in the USA

(there are now directories…)

Ben's Directory of Hookah Bars




("Working for your security"... )

Search with SCRoogle and Google Watch


Mathaba independent news agency

Centre for Research on Globalization

Centre de Recherches sur la Mondialisation


Telesur, Nueva Television del Sur

Russian 24/7 English-Language News Channel

Le Grand Soir

Chinese News Agency

Happy Country Index (The Happiest Country on Earth)

Universala Esperanto Asocio